Air Traffic Control

Without a doubt, Air Traffic Control is a huge challenge but an adventure and counterpart to online flying.

Indeed, Air Traffic Control is a challenge. You become responsible for the traffic flow in your area. And if you think this is easy, well, you will find out...


While everyone logging into VATSIM Network can be a pilot (there are no limits), ATC needs lots of training:

  • Every Air Traffic Controller needs training. After reaching a certain level, the reached training will be secured with a checkout. In this you'll be able to reach the next level.
  • As an Air Traffic Controller in training, you need to be member of a VACC. The native communities are providing the needed training. And you are not alone, you will be mentored.
  • In some VACC's you have to choose the regional group to become member. Especially the larger VACC's have different groups being responsible for the airspace. E.g. if you want to control in Amsterdam, you need to be a member of the Dutch VACC; if you want to learn this stuff in e.g. Copenhagen, the Danish Group is the place to train and to achieve the rating.
  • Once reached a certain level and successfully completed the checkout, the next step, airspace, is waiting for you.
  • With that you start as local controller on the airport the native community is offering training, but with the time you are able to work as Center controller for an area like France, Switzerland etc.

As mentioned. ATC needs lots of training to work and survive high traffic in your area. This is far from being easy. BUT it is the real adventure waiting for you beside flying.

A VATSIM Europe Division service.
Content updated: 15. February 2019.