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31. Training concept  
Training concept The training concept within VATEUD is to make sure all virtual Air Traffic Controllers controlling inside the VATSIM Europe Division has the same knowledge. We are aiming for a…  
32. How to fly an aircraft  
How to fly an aircraft Now let's talk about the most complex thing: flying (Well, if you don't believe that, ask a bird.) On this page we are citing most stuff from one of the best, easy to…  
33. Pilots  
Pilots Dear newcomer, let's talk about flying online. At VATSIM we try to follow real-life procedures as much as we can, but above any procedure and any rule, we MUST enjoy the time we're…  
34. Pilot clients  
Pilot Clients As you can see, VATSIM supports a wide range of simulators. Select yours below to see more information.  
35. Air Traffic Control  
Air Traffic Control Without a doubt, Air Traffic Control is a huge challenge but an adventure and counterpart to online flying. Indeed, Air Traffic Control is a challenge. You become responsible…  
36. Virtual Airlines  
Virtual airlines If you love to fly but don't have an idea, which airports you would like to connect, then a Virtual Airline might be the right thing for you. The history of Virtual Airlines in…  
37. Communities  
Communities in VATEUD VATEUD is a community. Flight Simulation and ATC need just one gift: to learn, to share and to work together. Community is more important than any hobby or ambition. The…  
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