Division Lead

The VATEUD Division Director is overally responsible for everything that happens in the Division and vACCs. He/she is assisted by the Deputy Division Director. All Department Directors and vACC Directors report to the Division Director.

Contact email
Name Position Callsign
Mattia Torti Division Director VATEUD1

Membership Department

The VATEUD Members Team is conducting all member related services on Division level. Don't forget, for single member services please contact the global VATSIM Member Help at

Contact email
Name Position Callsign
Miguel Frias Membership Director VATEUD3
Florian Knett Membership Support Group Manager VATEUD32
Alessio Prencja Mentor MEMEUD33
Roman Wüst Mentor MEMEUD34

ATC Training Department

The VATEUD ATC Training Department (ATC TD) manages all matters of ATC Training and ratings on Division level.

Contact email
Name Position Callsign
David Kirchner VATEUD ATD Director VATEUD4
Raul Ferraz VATEUD ATD Deputy Director VATEUD40
Roberto Ceballos Regional Manager VATEUD41
Mark-Julius Pikat Head Division Examiner VATEUD42
Phil Hutchinson Division Examiner ATCEUD11
Lars Bergmann Division Examiner ATCEUD12
Felix Soest Division Examiner ATCEUD13

Community Department

The VATEUD Community Team is your contact for all kind of contact, events and social media requests, but also for content related questions on this site.

Contact email
Name Position Callsign
Nicolas Vanruysseveldt Community Director VATEUD5
Erikas Batura Social Media Manager VATEUD51
Laurin Stapf Events Team VATEUD52

Operations Department

The Operations Department makes sure that no frequences and ranges overlap in VATEUD as well as any other reqests that beneft the comfort of our controllers.

Contact email
Name Position Callsign
Miguel Frias Operations Manager VATEUD6

Webservices Department

The Webservices team monitor our services 24/7 to make sure they are running smoothly. They also spend a lot of time and coffee on developing new services, tools and feautures for all our members.

Contact email
Name Position Callsign
Matan Budimir Web Services Director VATEUD7
Ryan Bentley Deputy Web Services Director VATEUD71
Steven Fauconnier ATSim Test Director VATEUD72
Frank Bitterlich ATSim Test Technical Manager VATEUD73
Roberto Ceballos Web Team VATEUD74
Stef Pletinck Web Team VATEUD75

Each staff member can be contacted directly via personal emails - [email protected]